Dr. Kent Stuber
BSc, DC, MSC, PhD(C)


Dr. Kent Stuber has been a practicing chiropractor since 2002, and is also a clinician-scientist, publishing more than 45 papers in the peer-reviewed literature to date.  His research interests include patient-centered care, sports injuries, spinal stenosis, orthopaedic testing, and pregnancy-related musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Stuber has a Master of Science in Health and Social Care Research from the University of Sheffield and recently completed his PhD at the University of South Wales with a focus in patient-centeredness.

Since 2015, Dr. Stuber has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association (JCCA).  He is also an Adjunct Professor in CMCC’s Division of Graduate Education and Research.

When he is not working at Calgary PRP Clinic, Dr. Stuber enjoys being outdoors with his wife and sons and volunteering as a coach.